Ringo Starr’s birthday message of peace and love part of NASA’s Lucy mission

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Ringo Starr celebrated his 84th birthday on Sunday with his annual Peace and Love event in Los Angeles, and his message  of peace and love was spread not only across the globe, but into space as well.

Ringo just shared a video sent from NASA, which includes a message he contributed to their Lucy mission, the first mission to Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids. 

The video explains that the Lucy mission plaque contains “words of advice, words of wisdom, words of joy and words of inspiration” to those who may read it in the future. It features several of those messages from writers, poet laureates and more, including one from Ringo. 

“A little noisy, but I’m so excited,” Ringo proclaims after playing his drums. “Lucy is going back in the sky with diamonds,” adding “Johnny will love that,” referring to his late Beatles bandmate John Lennon. 

He adds, “Anyway, if you meet anyone up there Lucy give them peace and love from me.”

“I want to thank NASA for the beautiful moment they sent me for my birthday the Lucy Mission, peace, and love everybody up in the sky, peace and love,” Ringo shared on Instagram.

NASA added, “There are many stars in our galaxy but only one @ringostarrmusic. Happy birthday! Your message of #PeaceAndLove is currently flying across the solar system aboard our #LucyMission– the first mission to Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids.”

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