Writing “We Are the World” with Michael Jackson was quite the memorable experience for Lionel Richie.

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live Thursday night, Lionel recalled his favorite — or should we say, most terrifying — memory for their unforgettable writing session.

“Well, there’s only one that comes to mind that scared me to absolute death was — we were in Michael’s room trying to write the lyrics to the whole thing and I kept hearing this [hissing] sound and I kept thinking, ‘What the heck is that?'” the American Idol judge told host Andy Cohen. “Well to my right, lying on the floor, I am eye to eye with his albino python!”

He continued, “All I can tell you was — I was screaming like the last horror movie in Hollywood, you understand me? Now, here’s the words that got me. He says, ‘Oh my God, Lionel. I found him. I knew he was in here somewhere.'”

Turns out, the snake had been lost in Michael’s room for the past two weeks.

“We Are the World,” a 1985 charity anthem for African famine relief, featured a star-studded lineup of performers including everyone from Bob Dylan to Ray Charles to Billy Joel.

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